Welcome Book Lovers

There are readers, and there are books lovers. One might read to gain something, be that knowledge or entertainment, and one reads for the sheer love of books. As similar as those two groups are, book lovers see a book as an opportunity to give just as much as they take. What they gain from a book, they share in the form of discussion, thought, and encouragement to other book lovers. As with any great love, it is a give and take.  That is the essence of the BookraK community. Providing a space for book lovers to get a great book at a great price and share their thoughts with a group of people on the same page.

We at BookraK are book lovers that have created a place on the web for those like-hearted folks to find exactly what they want at the best price. The excitement of learning something new and discussing it with other book enthusiasts can all happen right here on our site, providing more than the average online book buying experience. We couldn’t be more proud or thrilled to invite you into the process.

This is not just a website with well-priced books; it is an online friendly book shop for those who appreciate books to participate in a community eager to hear what you have to say. A place both to take away new books and to give your thoughts on what you’re reading with us. So welcome to the new BookraK website!

Why You Should Join a Book Club

Most view reading as a solitary activity and probably enjoy that aspect of the past-time. While reading solo might be easiest for a distraction-free page turning session, sometimes you just need to talk about a book with someone.

How many times have you gotten excited about what’s going on in a book only to find no one around you understands because they’re not reading along with you? You’re not alone in this struggle, and we have the answer for you.: join a book club.

Participating in a group of people reading the same story as you can create a community to process with, run questions by, and a space to share your insights. Surround yourself with like-minded people to learn from and alongside. A book club might take your reading experience to another level of enjoyment, and who knows, you might even make some new friends in the process!