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  BEST SELECTION: The BookraK catalog provides you with a bookstore selection of all the new paperback book titles in your home every month. Many of these titles will never appear at your local store at all, and many will be sold out before you have a chance to see them. The BookraK catalog brings you over 3,000 new titles to choose from every year with this convenient, easy to use, free monthly catalog.

SAVE MONEY: The BookraK offers DISCOUNTED prices on all paperback books, on all of your purchases.

EASY SHOPPING & QUICK DELIVERY: No need to cope with traffic jams or long lines at the check out counter with the BookraK. Using the catalog to make your selections from the comfort of your home, and placing your orders by phone, mail, or directly on this website gives you the ultimate shopping experience for paperback books.

NO OBLIGATION: The Non-Club Book Club. There are absolutely NO STRINGS, no sign up for a certain number of books, no unwanted books sent to you. You order what you want when you want, and we ship the same day or day after receipt of your order. With the BookraK you’ll have all the advantages of belonging to a book club, without the obligation or aggravation.

SPECIAL BONUS WITH YOUR FIRST ORDER: With your first order from the BookraK, we will send you a coupon for a FREE BOOK with your next purchase. So give us a try! Request your free catalog today, and join the thousands of satisfied book lover BookraK Members.

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